Focus Ireland is a charity dedicated to re-housing the homeless. They came to us with a problem, thousands of people have lost their homes in Ireland. They are forced to live on the streets or in temporary housing. Focus wanted to highlight this issue, get the public talking and the media engaged. However, as a charity, they had a tiny budget and media spend.

The solution was based on a simple human insight – when you see lost keys, your natural instinct is to pick them up and look around for the owner.

In ‘The Lost Keys’ ambient event, thousands of keys where scattered all over Dublin City. Each key represented a person without a home. They were placed in bus shelters, park benches and on busy streets. Left for well meaning passers-by to pick up. A message on the keyring read, ‘Thousands of people in Ireland are missing their keys. Help us help the Homeless. Focus Ireland.” The campaign was a media success and ambient idea won a silver EPICA.