The Irish Examiner faced declining readership, working with the editorial team we developed a new section for the paper ‘The Special Investigations’.  The monthly section investigated current and often taboo topics. Each was accompanied by a disruptive 48 sheet campaign to drive awareness.  The ‘Hell On Earth’ article investigated life in the Irish clergy today. Other topics included mental health, sex trafficking in Ireland and the true wealth of the Irish Catholic Church. The campaign was awarded Gold in New Brand/Product/Audience Development at the International Newsmedia Marketing Association Awards in Los Angelus, bronze for campaign by EPICA, 6 silver and 2 bronze ICADs and a silver at the AD OF THE YEAR awards. They have appeared in Luerzer’s Archive magazine and featured as top picks on

The campaign has been very successful for the Irish Examiner, the paper was the only broadsheet to increase readership that year. The Special Investigations has become an iconic print campaign series in Ireland, running for over 4 years.

Sex Traffic