6 tweets that went global. Working closely with Audi Ireland as Creative Director at Atomic, I developed a social media campaign to reverse the stereotype about women drivers and challenge people to question their assumptions. The idea was disruptive and simple. 6 tweets, ostentatiously conforming with the stereotypes of women drivers, that linked to very unexpected content – articles about real women driving business and innovation.

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The campaign went stratospheric fast. It was retweeted hundreds of times by members of the twittocracy, including Swiss Miss, Ad Freak, Design Taxi and Inc. The retweets gave Audi an estimated reach of over 5 million people all over the world. In addition of the thousands of people who read the tweets and clicked through to the articles, over 50,000 people explored further and clicked through to the campaign video.

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The campaign was featured in local and international newspapers, top industry sites, blogs and commentators. It was featured in Adweek, the Telegraph, DesignTaxi, the Mirror and Inc to name just a few. As the headline in the Daily Edge reads, “Audi’s new campaign challenges stereotypes of women drivers and people are loving it”. A huge, completely organic effect for a simple idea with absolutely no media spend behind it.